When an asphalt pavement surface begins to fail, it is often due to cracking that has been neglected. Age, climate change, fatigue and base movement all contribute to cracking, but the biggest enemy is water.As part of a pavement management system, crack sealing can reduce pavement deterioration by restricting water penetration into underlying base and sub-base layers.  Sealing the cracks with a flexible rubberized asphalt that bonds to the crack walls and moves with the pavement will prevent water intrusion. Sealing is better than filling as it will last longer and cost less.  Crack sealing is one of the most cost effective preventative maintenance options available, period.

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Crack Sealing

Cornell Construction offers a full line of crack sealing options and services including:

• Clean and Fill.

• Rout and Seal.

• Hot air lancing.

• Hot pour crack sealing.

• Cold pour crack sealing.



• Extend pavement service life by preventing water from entering asphalt base, and sub base.

• Expands and contracts with pavement movement.

• Low cost effective pavement maintenance technique.

• Minimal traffic interruptions.

• Slows pavement deterioration.

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  1. Airports • Centre Line Repairs  • Asphalt & Concrete • Bridge Decks

Hot applied, pourable polymer-modified patching and repair material used for pavement and concrete preservation. The finished Mastic Sealing will provide a durable, highly adhesive, flexible and non tacky surface that is suitable for repairing wide cracks and joints, utility cuts, potholes, bridge joints or any other similar types of pavement distresses.


• Economical and effective solution for filling large cracks on aprons, taxiways and runways.

• Cures to a non-tacky finish.

• Engineered for all climates.

• Adheres well to both hot mix asphalt and Portland cement concrete pavements.

• Relatively fine aggregate gradation allows for thin repairs and for an excellent surface finish.

• Load bearing and impact resistant.

  1. Excellent solution for resurfacing utility cuts in high traffic, urban environments.