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Saw Cut Repair - A saw is used to cut around the perimeter of the damaged area. The damaged asphalt is removed. Granular material is added if necessary. New asphalt is placed.

Strip & Repave - the existing asphalt is stripped and removed.  The granular material is regraded and compacted. New asphalt is placed.

Asphalt paving has been around for many years and for a very good reason; it is durable, cost effective and lasts for many years if applied and maintained properly. Cornell Construction offers full-range paving crews with the proper equipment to get the job done right.  There are many important things to take into consideration when providing a quality asphalt pavement product, such as base preparation, grading, drainage and pairing the proper thickness and grade of asphalt for the specific application.

Age, neglect and improper repairs are all contributors of asphalt pavement break-down. When this occurs, contact Cornell Construction and get the job done right! We offer the following asphalt repair services:


Infrared Repair - The damaged area is heated with a special series of heaters. The asphalt is then raked and rejuvenator is added. The asphalt is rolled flat for a seamless repair.

Asphalt Reconstruction - These range from a simple tack coat and overlay repair, to a full base reconstruction and repaving of the entire area.